Robyn & Cesar Laguna Beach Couple Session

Robyn & Cesar where such troopers! We met at crystal cove and it was raining. We checkout out the beach and decided to go for it because they where only in town for a few days. Walking down the beach against the wind and rain made it feel like we where in a hurricane. By the time we got to the place we wanted to shoot, we where all soaked. Robyn and Cesar made the best of it and we had so much fun shooting up and down the stormy beach. Robyn had mentioned in her email that she suffers from alopecia and wanted to do some photos without her wig as well. I was so amazed by her story and loved seeing her beauty and confidence without her wig. She was glowing! I loved shooting with these two and I'm truly grateful for clients vulnerability and willingness to share their stories with me. Robyn & Cesar where awesome and I'm obsessed with these photos!