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Investing in education is one of the best things you can do to grow your business. I believe that when we continually learn new things is when growth happens. I would absolutely love to sit down and chat with everyone on how to grow a photo business and the dos and dont’s but since I built my business myself, I do charge for my time and knowledge. At the moment I offer three types of mentorships. If you would like to set one up or get more info, please email me directly Note: I only offer mentoring on selct weekdays. I cannot wait to meet and hang with you!

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1 1/2 hour Skype mentor session

THis includes a one on one skype session where we go over your portfolio, pricing and any questions you have.



1 hour one on one

let’s get coffee, talk about business and have a Q&A. We can go over your pricing structure, portfolio, goals..etc.

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2 hour mentorship

One hour of shooting with a couple where i show you how I shoot/direct. one hour of sit down Q&A.


Second shooting opportunities

At the moment I have a second shooter that shoots with me at bigger weddings. If you would like to be on my list for when I need someone, feel free to shoot me an email with your gear list, portfolio, hourly rate and a little bit about yourself.