Crystal Cove Wedding

Amy and Ron met at a science conference a few years back and had their first date at Crystal cove state beach in Laguna beach. They decided to go back to where it all started and have an intimate crystal cove wedding. Every detail was so intentional and represented their relationship so it made the whole day that more special. The got married on the hottest day out of the year but we were lucky enough to catch the marine layer in the morning so their ceremony was absolutely perfect. Their little ceremony took place on the cliffsides of Pelican point in Crystal cove, overlooking the water below. They shared the sweetest personal vows that left everyone in tears. They also had the exact same vows so you know you’re soul mates! After the ceremony they had a ukulele player play a little song so they could have a little first dance on the cliffside. We then hiked down the cliffs to the water and got some pretty beach side portraits right as the sun came out. Nothing beats the ocean air, tidepools and sunshine to make your wedding so much better! Amy and Ron decided they wanted to relax and hangout at the Beachcomber restaurant before their reception. They did a cheers with some beers and I can’t think of better way to spend your wedding afternoon. Later in the evening we all met at Villa del Sol for a beautiful reception where Amy and Ron celebrated with all their family and friends. I’m so thankful to have worked with these two. They are the kindest souls and I just love how intentional their whole wedding day was. Congrats to these two!