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I’m all about the real moments. The wind in your hair and the way your nose scrunches up when you make a funny face at your love. I love story telling through images and emotion

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Hi I'm Maya!

Based in Orange County, CA I’ve been shooting weddings and elopements all over the US since I graduated high school five years ago. It sounds cliche but I love love. I love connecting with couples and capturing the connection they have together. I value the in between and unposed moments that go along with your wedding day. I love preserving real and raw moments in photos because I believe you’ll look back and all the emotion of that moment will come rushing back to you. That’s the ultimate goal I want for my brides and grooms. Being connection based, I’ve taken a deep root in shooting intimate weddings and elopements because it allows me to get to know you on a deeper level as friends instead of a client/ photographer relationship. This allows for us to be comfortable with each other so I can capture you two for who you are because let’s be honest, having your photo taken can feel awkward and terrifying. 

Besides connecting with couples I love to travel and have traveled the world from a young age so I value an epic landscape and adventure stories. I’m for the brides who value the unposed and adventurous moments that go along with your wedding and love story. Photographing people in love surrounded by the mountains or on top of a cliff somewhere fills my soul like no other. My brides can expect to get a little dirt on their dress, hike out to a cool spot to get the perfect shot and expect a lot of laughs when I try to make jokes to get you comfortable. 

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