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Lets do this thing!

I'm so excited that you like my work enough to get in touch! Before you get in touch lets make sure we are a good fit. I'm all about natural reactions + emotions such as laughing till it hurts, crying from saying your vows, dancing around green fields like nobody is watching and creating photos with meaning. I'm not into the stiff poses and feeling awkward in front of the camera. My intent is to show not just your love for each other but your personalities through photography. My goal is to create with intention and allow you and your love to be yourselves. I don't want to be another vendor at your wedding, I want to be the third wheel on your love story and create photos that tell a story from your day. If you are shopping around for a budget photographer then you may not value what I have to offer. I may not be what you are looking for( and that's totally fine!) After all it is your wedding and you should get exactly what you want. 

If you feel like we would be perfect together, please fill out the contact form below. Be prepared to tell me all about you and your love ( After all, I am the third wheel haha)